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Archimonde Mythic, Doomed!

by AnakhaTR, 294 days ago

Kill video:
"Tremble mortals and despair. Doom has come to this world!"


Everytime I hear that phrase, I expect that Storm, Earth & Fire! (Power of the Horde) starts to play from L70ETC. Anyone else?

So... The Reckless team has killed Archimonde on Mythic difficulty to end this expansion's raiding. A big clap to the team!

It has been a bumpy road with all sorts of difficulties along the road and yet this team managed to overcome everything and kept going (and growing too). I consider this team to be still in development phase and there is still a lot to do in preparation to Legion.

Now is the time to relax a bit though and enjoy the game without any negative aspects of the progression raiding or spare more time for friends & family and whatnot.

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Mannoroth Mythic, Depowered!

by AnakhaTR, 321 days ago



No idea how we got this kill as I was lying dead at the bottom of the tower :)

GJ to the team!


Onto Archimonde to finish this expansion.

P.S. Highone died.

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Xhul'Horac Mythic, Banished!

by Bernz., 349 days ago


3 Nights, 110 wipes & we eventually killed Xhul mythic.

Kill Vid


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Tyrant Velhari Mythic, Tyranny has ended!

by AnakhaTR, 358 days ago

 Tyrant Velhari

We were oppressed... We have been victims of contempt... We were humiliated...

After one and a half night of banging our heads on the wall of tyranny and not making to phase3, a remake of tactics was the key to this kill.

Finally she showed her malicious face to us but we would not take this. Our reckless souls have arised and beat the embodiment of tyranny!

FREEEDOOOOMM! (Nurtex scream after the kill)

P.S. Nurtex you can happily run around now 

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Fel Lord Zakuun Mythic, Balls Off!??

by AnakhaTR, 372 days ago

We knew this was coming on this day from our earlier attempts on Thursday getting him to 12% already. But he proved to be slightly harder than we imagined. He got balls... but no more I guess. Seriously though, does Grom carve off his balls as a token? Certainly looks like it :)

Anyways, good job for the kill team! Onto more challenge now. Let's keep up the pace!


Kill video: Soon (tm)

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